Ceramic Pro STRONG

UNIQUE Automotive Protection

TESTED & Certified by “SGS”

The New Face Of 3D Ceramic Molecular Matrix Structure

The latest Nano Ceramic Technology

Ceramic PRO Strong is clear and transparent as water. It becomes a hard film as glass to permanently protect the foundation. With 3D Matrix technology, Ceramic PRO STRONG offers above 9H glass coating, excellent scratch resistance and long life. Ceramic PRO Strong creates a very good barrier to chemical bonding to the foundation, which provides an “easy-to-clean surface to prevent water, dirt, grease and other stains. The protected material can be used multiple times without reapplying. Ceramic PRO Strong is resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals, it is offered as composite coating and requires no mixing with other substances. At room temperature, it is completely cured within 2 hours and tack-free after 7 days.

Strong Ceramic PRO is easy to use and has various application methods, you can choose between dip, spray and wipe off to achieve the desired result.

Car paint, kitchen utensils, boat paints, electronic home appliances, Alloy wheels topcoat / clearcoat, building materials, public transport, signs, glass industry, electroplating industry, electronics housing, LCD TV industry, use in: Car Care, natural stone, glass, rust.

Surface preparation is critical for optimum adhesion and performance. Remove oil contamination or unwanted coating from the surface. For surfaces that need to maintain a certain appearance (such as tires) denatured alcohol can be used. Blow the basis of a high-pressure air from nozzle to remove the remaining explosive dust on the surface. Enter your protection, safety glasses or face shield. Work in a well-ventilated area. If ventilation is not available, you should wear a respirator – see MSDS for more information.

Allow the parts to air dry. They are after 60 to 120 minutes tack-free. Until then, the coating is still wet, and the parts should not be bumped or touched. After 24 hours, the parts are partially cured completely but only 5-7 days after administration. Finished parts can be loaded after 24 hours, if the coating is partially cured.

Ceramic Pro Strong is a one component product without harder. It remains stable at room temperature and need not be stored at low temperature conditions. The shelf life at room temperature in the original sealed package 1 year.

Contact For questions about the proper use and / or application please a Ceramic PRO technician. For further instructions you are also training courses available. For proper handling, sale and precautions during use of the product, please have your MSDS sheets on hand.

Ceramic Pro 9H can only be applied by Approved Applicators.
Ceramic Pro has been officially tested by “SGS” – www.sgs.com SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company